About Lindsay

A Day in the Life of a Loser

I cautiously approach the mirror.  “Agh!  Eek-gads!  Quick! Where’s my comb?IMG_0716

I snaggle my fingers through the asymmetrical nest on my head and move to more important things like the feel and seal of velcro in my mouth.  But wait . . . What did I do with my toothbrush?  Fine, I’ll just rinse and gnaw on a toothpick.

Into the kitchen, searching all drawers.  Hmm . . . I thought they were in here.

Need to check my laptop for class time.  I squint at the screen, whine at the blur in front of me, and flail around blindly looking for my old lady glasses.

So late for Pilates class! I vow to keep my sour mouth closed and wear a hat, if I could just find my sunglasses and keys!

Finally keys in hand, I check the time. I’ve already missed half the class.  Forget it.  I’ll stay home and sculpt pieces to hang things on.  I tell myself:

Just hang it, dang it!


2 thoughts on “About Lindsay”

  1. Lindsay, I LOVE your work, and I love “Bo”, he’s my new companion in my craft room. I love his twinkly little eyes and mouth forming a kiss, or perhaps he just got caught in mid sentence. He does talk to me, and I suspect that I’ll have to give him the credit for some of my future ceramic projects.

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